Project Future Institute, a 501(c)(3) organization, is dedicated to closing the achievement gap and fostering excellence in education.

SELF™ Science Unit
The SELF™ Science Unit consists of three Life Science disciplines and the “Positive Internal Scaffolding” elements of the “Core Learning Infrastructure.” The three Life Science disciplines are Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics, and the Brain-Body Interface.

The aforementioned disciplines and elements show students that our life styles and what we think shape our intelligence, our abilities, and how far we can go in life. They also teach students how the human brain works, the attitudes, skills, and exercises needed for success, and why they should and can create, for themselves, a sustainable positive support network that can last after the SELF™ program ends.

The five attitudes that are part of the “Positive Internal Scaffolding” are represented by the acronym CHARM Create Green thoughts, Have Grit, Acquire Accountable Relationships, Respect all People, and Mirror Mindfulness. The four skills that are part of the Positive Internal Scaffolding are represented by the acronym MAPSMemory skills, Attentional skills, Processing skills, and Sequencing skills.

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