Project Future Institute, a 501(c)(3) organization, is dedicated to closing the achievement gap and fostering excellence in education.

SELF™ Math Unit
The SELF™ Math Unit is designed to build student confidence by providing students with success in an academic discipline they thought they could never master.

The SELF™ Math Unit consists of the “JUMP Math Confidence Unit” and the “JUMP Math Patterns and Algebra Unit” as appropriate to a student’s math knowledge.

“JUMP Math” has a proven track record, for over 10 years, of building student self-confidence by having them master math concepts. “JUMP Math” is a comprehensive and extensive program designed to teach math to young people through the 8th grade level of math. The “JUMP Math” materials used in the SELF Empowerment Program™ are but a small part of the total “JUMP Math” curriculum.

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