Project Future Institute, a 501(c)(3) organization, is dedicated to closing the achievement gap and fostering excellence in education.

SELF™ Program Description
Project Future Institute operates the SELF Empowerment Program™ (SELF™) a STEM program that uses science and math to inspire, educate, and transform at-risk students into successful students.

The science unit teaches students what they are capable of achieving and the math unit lets them prove to themselves they can succeed at a challenging academic subject.

SELF stands for Surpassing Expectations for a Limitless Future.
Project Future Institute offers SELF™ in partnership with schools and community organizations by teaching and licensing their instructors to offer the SELF™ curriculum.

Project Future Institute staff also provide workshops for parents interested in learning how they can help their children achieve in school and in life and are available to provide inspirational talks about why and how You have the power to change your Self-Story, your brain, and your life.

For more information about SELF™ please send an email to

“At-risk students” are defined as students who are below grade level in mathematics.