The following written remarks and videos capture comments and observations by community leaders, teachers, administrators, teacher assistants, and parents. The comments include thoughts about what they think of the teacher training for the SELF Empowerment Program™ (SELF™ ), what they think about SELF™, and what they think of the inspirational talks.

Written Remarks

Parent Comment

According to the mother of a rising seventh grader, who was one of the 2014 SELF™ Scholars, her son went from 31 disciplinary infractions in school the semester before SELF™ to one disciplinary infraction the semester after SELF™.

Community Leader Comment

In an email from Mr. Jones, the Co-Chair of an NAACP Parents’ Council, he wrote:

Thank you for presenting at the Parents’ Council meeting. I found it interesting and informative.  Let us know how we can help promote your efforts towards enabling parents and children to tackle root causes of achievement gaps.  Good stuff.




Principal of STRIVE RISE High School talking about the SELF™ Program:

Teacher on the impact of the SELF™ Program on a student’s self-esteem:

Teacher on student reactions to the SELF™ Program:

Teacher on the quality of teacher training:

Teacher on impact of the math unit:


Teacher assistant on favorite part of SELF™:

Teacher about relevance of program to teachers and community groups, church groups and adults:

Teacher/administrator about impact of SELF™ on STRIVE RISE:

Teacher about impact of SELF™ on classroom: